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          1. Mandy Testimonials

            Listed below are just some of the people who have found Mandy a useful service.

            • Testimonials
            • Arihel Productions
              11th Jul 2019
              Arihel Productions

              Dear Mandy Team, Just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your service! Your platform is so amazing and it has been such a great help for me to find people for my project. I absolutely love everything about your site. It is easy to navigate, everything is clean and uncluttered. You guys really built this site with us in mind and I just would love to say thank you!!! Mona T.

            • Ronnie Dorsey Productions
              10th Jul 2019
              Ronnie Dorsey Productions

              Great service, would definitely use again.

            • Whippersnappers
              8th Jul 2019

              This is the first time I have used Mandy and I have found the whole experience fantastic. I posted 3 different jobs had a wide selection of actors to choose from. I would highly recommend Mandy to other theatre companies. Caroline Burghard from Whippersnappers CIC

            • Notable Pictures
              5th Jul 2019
              Notable Pictures

              Response was excellent

            • Belle Mundi
              5th Jul 2019
              Belle Mundi

              I got a good response to the ad and found a very good assistant. Thanks Mandy.com.

            • Sunflower Sings
              2nd Jul 2019
              Sunflower Sings

              I've received such an overwhelming response in only 9 hours of the listing going live! Brilliant!

            • Fair Productions
              1st Jul 2019
              Fair Productions

              I was really in a bind as I had an editor on board to do my project. Last minute he bailed on me. I googled where to find editors and came upon Mandy...thank you! I received many qualified applicants and found the perfect editor to edit my project "The Racists." I will recommend your site to anyone looking for industry help.

            • Exertion Films
              25th Jun 2019
              Exertion Films

              got amazing talent THANKS!! and QUICKLY!!!

            • Still Dreaming Films Ltd
              22nd Jun 2019
              Still Dreaming Films Ltd

              got very lucky indeed! Found the two roles from the first two applicants...which is a one in billion fluke! perfectly happy.

            • e-learning WMB Ltd
              21st Jun 2019
              e-learning WMB Ltd

              Hired for all parts via Mandy

            • Demogorgon Productions
              20th Jun 2019
              Demogorgon Productions

              I found a suitable artiste for the role that I advertised. Thank you Mandy

            • Natalie's Kitchen
              17th Jun 2019
              Natalie's Kitchen

              Hired Marci Garcia and I LOVE her. Will 100% use Mandy again.

            • Nightpiece Media
              17th Jun 2019
              Nightpiece Media

              Good standard of performers, all cast now!

            • Drama Kirk
              13th Jun 2019
              Drama Kirk

              Superb system - makes managing loads of applicants really easy. Thank you.

            • Richard Brabin - London Film School
              13th Jun 2019
              Richard Brabin - London Film School

              You guys do a great job. I have produced 3 films well at film school and Mandy has been amazing at finding unearthed talents! Thanks!

            • National Dance Company of Ireland
              7th Jun 2019
              National Dance Company of Ireland

              Thank you, yes the site was a great help

            • Accelerate Entertainment
              4th Jun 2019
              Accelerate Entertainment

              Great again, thanks, Mandy!

            • shortstories
              3rd Jun 2019

              Great service; thank you. I have found an excellent candidate.

            • Media Brighton
              31st May 2019
              Media Brighton

              Really efficient service and easy to use, found a great actor extremely last minute, very pleased

            • Lindsay Segall
              31st May 2019
              Lindsay Segall

              It's a great service that attracts good people. Many thanks Lindsay