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          1. Why use The Mandy Network to build your career?

            The Mandy Network is the world’s largest community of actors, film, TV and theatre professionals.

            Features and Benefits

            We’re Inclusive!

            We empower creative professionals to find jobs in all areas of the entertainment industry regardless of your experience.

            Tailored alerts

            Be the first to know about the latest paid jobs and auditions that match your skill set with our instant job alerts.

            Service providers

            We’ve put together a list of photographers, showreel & voicereel providers to help you showcase your work.

            Employer Directory

            Access our Employer Directory and contact thousands of potential employers directly.


            Join the conversation on our forums and noticeboards, where you can talk to fellow industry professionals.

            Opportunities to learn

            Attend career surgeries, networking events, seminars and training offered exclusively to our members.

            420K jobs posted

            180K jobs posted

            30K jobs posted

            650K jobs posted


            Find your next Job

            Over 6,500 new jobs are posted on The Mandy Network every month catering to all areas of the entertainment industry.

            We’re a community!

            Join our community of entertainment industry professionals. Find work, collaborate and support each other - all in one place. Got a question? Need help? Ask Mandy.

            161,093 employers & casting directors use Mandy to find cast and crew

            Showcase your skills

            Make the most of your profile by featuring your photos, showreels, voicereels and files. Create your own professional website and get noticed.

            Build your profile, get noticed!

            Media Gallery

            Make the most of your online portfolio by featuring all of you latest photos.

            Custom showcase

            Upload up to 20 showreels, voice samples and documents.

            Create a Website

            Our template builder makes it easy for anyone to design a professional website.

            Track & Monitor

            Track the status of your applications and be notified when the employer has reviewed it. See which employers and agents have been viewing your profile.

            Find an Agent

            Use our global agent database to find representation. Search through the list of agents with open books and start contacting them today.

            News & Advice

            Mandy news brings you exclusive interviews with some of the industries biggest names, alongside in-depth guides and the latest industry news.

            Join over 563,690 members building their careers on The Mandy Network

            Join our community of cast, crew and creative professionals today.